Wireless Infrastructure Principals

RF-transparent antenna concealment solutions for commercial wireless 3G/4G, outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Small Cell, point-to-point microwave backhaul, and high-frequency SATCOM applications.


Fiber & CRAN solutions, CPRI Interface Panels, & custom cable configurations. Carrier-specific, interference mitigation filters, & adapter kits, for Macro, DAS & Small Cell applications.


dbSpectra provides highly specific, custom designed products such as specialty antennas, combiners, duplexers, filters, focused on Wireless Carriers, Land Mobile Radio, Public Safety, Utility, Contractor and Amateur Radio customers.


Fiber Optic, Power & Hybrid Solutions for Remote Radio Head Deployment. Connectors, RF Jumpers, Lighting Protection, DAS antennas, passive components and site accessories.

Filters, Combiners, Tower Mounted Amplifiers, DAS Interface Trays & Passive Intermodulation (PIM) test solutions.

Premier Small Cell antenna solutions in several form factors, that optimize network performance and accelerate network deployment.

Luneburg Lens technology for multi-beam antennas capable of receiving/transmitting several signals in any direction (360 degrees) simultaneously.


Low PIM, robust, passive RF components: power splitters, directional couplers, hybrid couplers, duplexers, combiners, tappers, attenuators, DC Blocks & terminations.

Quintel designs, develops and delivers advanced high-performance, feature-rich antenna technologies that make networks more efficient and more profitable.
Microwave and broadband wireless antennas are available that cover 1.3 GHz to 86 GHz for Point-to-Point microwave.

4G and 5G test and measurement accessories including interference hunting, filter and adapter kits, for Macro, DAS and Small Cell validation, commissioning and troubleshooting.

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Protection of communications systems and critical electronics from lightning and power anomalies. Product offering includes AC, DC, high speed data and signal protection, power protection cabinets, EMP | EMI filters, power conditioners, UPS and power distribution units, as well as accredited educational courses and consulting.