Precision Marketing Services Inc., established in 1974, is a professional and technical Sales Representative organization promoting high quality RF, Microwave, power, electronic components/systems,  and wireless communication products. Our primary market focus is directed towards many commercial markets, the aerospace and defense market,and industrial applications in the southeast USA.

Our experienced sales force consists of product-knowledgeable Sales Engineers strategically located to help service our customers and principals. Outside staff is equipped for instant communication and access to the base office, principals and customers. Inside personnel includes sales engineers, product line management, customer satisfaction administrators, and an on-site applications engineer.

Precision Marketing is highly integrated with many of our principals in order to effectively provide detailed product information and quotations to our customers while providing customer service for order entry, sample processing and expedites. We offer product training for our customers, distributors, and employees.

Precision Marketing Services, Inc.stresses integrity, technical expertise, market awareness, customer service and satisfaction, continuing education, and dedication. Our commitment is to represent leading edge, world class suppliers who deliver competitively priced quality products on time. We are determined to be a strategic resource and provide customers with the service and solutions they deserve, whether it is finding the right component, satisfying a special requirement, or expediting an order.

Featured Products

Teledyne Relays - CCR-33K coaxial switch

Teledyne Relays - CCR-33K coaxial switchThe latching single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) electromechanical switch offers an insertion loss repeatability of ±0.1dB across the full bandwidth. On narrow band applications, the insertion loss repeatability can be as good as ±0.05dB with ultra low Learn More >>>

Ametek HCC Interconnects

Ametek HCC InterconnectsHermetically sealed connectors are interconnects that facilitate the flow of electrical current across two devices and can be mechanically coupled to, or uncoupled from, another connection. HCC produces military specification (“mil spec”) and customized connectors Learn More >>>

Ametek HCC Packaging

Ametek HCC PackagingHermetically sealed packages are utilized by manufacturers of hybrid microelectronic assemblies, opto-electronic devices and imaging devices to protect their sensitive circuits. HCC Industries packaging companies, HCC Aegis Inc (known in the industry simply as Aegis), Learn More >>>

Herley - Block Up Converter

Herley - Block Up ConverterHerley-CTI (HCTI) series BUC block upconverters offer broadband frequency coverage with very low phase noise in a compact package. This series offers products specifically designed for commercial and military SatCom ground terminal applications in the Ka Learn More >>>

Teledyne Relays - GRF312 Non Latching RF Relay

Teledyne Relays - GRF312 Non Latching RF Relay The ultraminiature GRF312 relays are designed to provide a practical surface-mount solution. The GRF312 offers monotonic insertion loss to 8 GHz. This improvement in insertion loss over the frequency range, makes these relays highly suitable Learn More >>>

Woven Electronics Controlled Impedance Cable

Woven Electronics Controlled Impedance CableControlled Impedance Cable is a thin, flexible woven cable with individually controlled impedance signals. This unique cable can be terminated to any connector type, and because of its construction, offers excellent signal isolation and controlled electrical Learn More >>>

ARA, Inc. 18" Manpack Antenna

ARA, Inc. 18 June 4, 2010. ARA's Seavey Business Unit (SEA) has developed an 18" Manpack antenna that provides high performance in a small package. This small, lightweight antenna is made of a seven-piece segmented composite panel. The Learn More >>>

PLL Chip Set for Ultimate Spurious & Phase Noise Performance!

PLL Chip Set for Ultimate Spurious & Phase Noise Performance!The world class supplier of complete MMIC based solutions for communication & military markets announces the release of a new market leading PLL chip Learn More >>>

New Radiation Dosimeter on a Chip

New Radiation Dosimeter on a ChipTeledyne Microelectronics Technologies World’s Smallest Radiation Dosimeter - Teledyne Microelectronics radiation Micro Dosimeter provides total mission dose and dose rate data for a broad range of applications. Learn More >>>