new-wireless-map-engineerThe Luneburg Lens is a spherical multi-layered lens which is capable of focusing a wave from any direction. By placing a series of feeds on the opposite side of the desired direction of the signal, the Luneburg lens is capable of  receiving/ transmitting simultaneously in any direction. Using Luneburg Lens technology it is possible to construct a multi-beam  antenna capable of simultaneous multi-satellite tracking or capable of receiving/transmitting several signals in any direction  360 degrees) simultaneously.

The key advantage of the Matsing Luneburg lens comes from our patented meta-material design. A traditional Luneburg  lens becomes increasingly heavy and difficult to manufacture with increased diameter, thus restricting their size  (approximately 200kg for a 1.0m traditionally built Luneburg Lens).

The Matsing Luneburg Lens weighs approximately 8 times less (25kg for a 1.0m Matsing Luneburg Lens) than a Luneburg Lens built from traditional material. This allows us to construct the world’s largest light weight, broadband Luneburg Lens with diameters varying from 0.6–1.5m.

Luneburg_LensDue to our manufacturing process, we are also able to customize the focusing distance of each lens to customer specification.


  • Multi-beam Antennas
  • For communications
  • (base stations)
  • For satellite communication (stationary)
  • For simultaneously satellite tracking (multiple satellites)


  • Large Sized
  • Extremely Light Weight (8x lighter than similar lens made from conventional material)
  • Varying Diameters from 0.6–1.5m
  • Patented Meta-materials,
  • extremely Low Loss and
  • Low Density
  • Constructed using a multi-layered structure with over 10 layers (dependent on size)
  • Lens size and focusing distance can be customized dependent on
  • the application of the lens and customer specifications.

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