Why Partner with PMi




Our Experience helps YOUR bottom line…

Precision Marketing has over 45 years of proven success across the Southeast USA.

We put our technical experience, reputation, integrity, market knowledge, focus, staffing and key relationships to strategically position each company we represent.



PMI-SupportAbout our team

Precision Marketing has 21 employees. This includes 14 outside, technical, Sales Engineers, that are supported by an internal applications engineer, product line management, business development and a highly experienced, focused administrative staff.






Our Training and Customer Support Facility

We welcome you to visit our 4300+ square foot state-of-the-art Headquarters/Training Facility located in Coconut Creek, Florida.



Our Overall Strategy

  • Represent a select few, world-class principals to be a strategic resource to both our customers and principals.
  • Service our principals & customers with the highest standards of integrity and ethics.
  • Target yearly growth and strategic goals of each company we represent.
  • Lead with technical, experienced, professional, outside Sales Engineers (>250 combined years of experience).
  • Geographically position outside Sales Engineers across the East.
  • Win Designs! High level of focus with design engineering, and program management in our customers to fuel growth.
  • Primary focus on relationship building with customers, to be a reliable and trusted source.
  • Identify and communicate market trends.
  • Establish market diversity.
  • Broaden our solution offering and customer base.
  • Locate component, subsystem & system solutions.
  • Drive custom solutions for our customers and principals.
  • Strategic Selling – Demand Creation.
  • Engineering & program focus at all levels.
  • Extensive inside staff to maximize our outside staff’s time in front of customers.
  • Focused lead management procedure and extensive administrative staff.
  • Customized CRM Software and Cloud-Based IT system

For additional information, please contact:
David Penna
Phone: (954) 752-1700
Email: david.penna@precision-marketing.com