new-wireless-map-engineerConcealFab is leading the innovation of 5G concealment and RF solutions that are essential for building today’s 5G wireless infrastructure.

Since beginning in 2007, ConcealFab has stayed true to its values – being highly responsive to the industry’s evolving needs for solutions-engineered products, fast site approvals, and rapid deployments. They’ve delivered on these values by partnering with global OEMs, understanding operators’ build plans, and listening to municipalities’ requirements for wireless facilities. Today they are an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company, and their 4G & 5G infrastructure and PIM Shield™ interference mitigation products line city streets, venues, and towers across America. They operate a 160,000 square foot facility headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO where their in-house engineering, manufacturing, testing, and fulfillment operations allow them to deliver high-quality products with short lead times.

ConcealFab’s focus on engineering excellence ensures its products deliver optimum coverage and capacity, can weather everything from hurricane-strength winds to seismic events and are structural, RF, and thermally tested to Telcordia standards. No doubt, their engineering focus is unrivaled by a passion for design. Customers can choose from a variety of standard pole and attachment profiles, sizes, colors, and styles, confident that both performance and Street-smart™ appeal are blended into each concealment they make. ConcealFab also understands that preferences for design aesthetics can vary significantly from one city or venue to the next. This is why they consistently partner with some of the nation’s largest cities, utilities, and REITs to design custom poles and concealments to match the uniqueness of their communities, applying care and attention to the smallest of details to ensure every design project is successfully approved.

Whether outfitting an entire venue with 5G capability, planning materials to build or retrofit small cell sites, or seeking an end-to-end solution for testing and mitigating PIM, ConcealFab is the answer. We invite you to learn more about them and their solutions by contacting your Precision Marketing sales representative or by visiting

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