RF/Military/Aerospace Principals

High-Performance Antenna Systems for Military, Satcom and Commercial Applications. Products include Antennas, Feeds, Positioners and Rotators.

New Huber+Suhner Logo

RF/Military/Aerospace high-quality cabling and connectivity solutions in low frequency, RF (Up to 70Ghz) and Fiber Optic technology designed for use in standard and harsh environments for consumer, commercial, space, defense and aviation sectors.

Knowles Precision Devices

Dielectric Laboratories (DLI) & Integrated Microwave Corp (IMC) solutions. High-Frequency Single Layer Capacitors (SLC), Build-to-Print Thin Film & other Microwave Components: Miniature Microstrip Filters, Ceramic Filters, Waveguide Filters, etc.

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RF Solutions ranging from board level, connectorized components and IMA’s to full subsystems in microwave & mmWave bands. Custom-built solutions leveraging capabilities and engineering from design-to spec to build-to-print applications utilizing both chip and wire and SMT technology with omestic manufacturing for the Mil-Aero, Space, & SATCOM markets.


Merging RFMD’s and TriQuint’s semi-conductor and foundry technologies for scalable & dynamic RF solutions for mobile, infrastructure and defense applications

Reflex Photoonics
Rugged high-speed optical transceiver modules and parallel embedded optics products for aerospace, defense, avionics, telecom, and data centers.

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Highly secure keyless armored padlocks & keyless lock controllers, managed by a cloud-based platform with unlimited scalability, easy to deploy and use, purpose-built for critical infrastructure.

QPL & COTS Electromechanical Relays, Solid-State Relays, Space (Hi-Rel) Electromechanical Relays, RF & Microwave Relays & Coax Switches, Industrial Solid-State Relays, & Switching Matrices.

Power & lightning protection for AC, DC, high-speed data, signal, power protection cabinets, EMP | EMI filters, power conditioners, UPS and power distribution units.

unipower_logo High‐efficiency power electronics, including DC and AC energy conversion systems. Ruggedized power supplies, rectifiers, inverters and distribution panels for mission-critical power applications.