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Southeast-SalesRepMemkor, Inc. is the leading Military market focused manufacturer of High Performance, High Reliability and Secure Solid State Drive (SSD) Solutions. Memkor’s Off-The-Shelf (OTS) solutions meet a full spectrum of Military application requirements. From the smallest footprint mSATA to 1.8” to 2.5” and 3.5” form factor SSD’s, and with addition of Data Security supporting Military standard Data Elimination (Erase and Purge), AES-256 encryption and Write Protect features. Memkor’s engineers are also ready to developed tailored Firmware, Hardware or Software solutions for any special purpose application.

Memkor optimizes the storage architecture for various deployment priorities and thus, Memkor

  • WHITE Series SCSI SSD’s, up to 1.3TB w/Secure Erase and Write Protect features for updating Legacy systems without the need to rewrite Software.
  • ORANGE Series SATA SSD’s, designed to Mil-Std. 810-f shock and Vibe specs., can have Data Storage capacity from 16GB to as much as 2TB in a standard 2.5” package. ORANGE “Fast” Series SATA III SSD’s achieve up to 550MB/s performance.  Orange Series SSD’s are currently deployed in many different US Military programs.
  • Orange Series PATA SSD’s are Native PATA interface designs for maximum reliability with the same Mil-Std 810-F ruggedness and up to 512GB of storage!
  • BLUE Series SSD’s allow scaling capacity beyond 4 TB if SSD height is increased.
  • BLACK Series SSD’s provide the level of ruggedization reaching 30+ G operating vibration environments married to the capacity of our ORANGE Series Drives.

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