ARA – Antenna Research Associates



ARA has been a leading supplier of Antennas for the Military and Commercial Markets since 1963. A wide assortment of antennas for SIGINT, ELINT, Terrestrial communication, Satellite links and EMC applications are available. ARA has designed a special class of Tactical Military antennas for a wide array of frequency applications including Communication, Jamming and Surveillance. Our Extremely Broadband models are widely used by most of the Military groups and Tier 1 Corporations. A wide array of antenna Feeds exist in our standard catalog covering from below L Band to above Ka-band. ARA also offers the option of providing antennas designed specifically to your individual needs. Positioners, Tripods, Masts, Fiber Optic Links and other accessories are also available to complete an antenna installation. Far Field testing services, including a one-mile range, are available.

The ARA facilities are ISO9001 certified. Four Locations in Beltsville, MD and Pembroke, MA are available to provide you with outstanding performance and service.

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